Lifting Facial Mask


Masks are a very important part of any beauty regimen. They are meant to restore nutrients and minerals back into the skin and restore proper conditions. Done once or twice a week, masks will keep your skin healthy, shiny, and vibrant. GRATiAE offers a fully organic mask that surpasses the quality of most masks on the skin care market to date. It is made of 100% all natural ingredients that are both gentle and extremely effective for producing results. The Lifting Facial Mask is designed to tighten the skin.

This special mask is true bio-technological presenting a non-surgical face lift. The mask is based on a natural blend of thermo-mineral water with organic, restorative flora. It can boost cell renewal as well as lift and firm your facial skin. The facial skin being the most important when it comes to face to face interaction which puts it at the utmost highest priority of skin to care for.

The effects of the Lifting Facial Mask can be seen in the skin with its superior lifting qualities. More youthful will the skin look when it feels the mask’s revitalizing effects. What is left is a more firm, anti-aged quality to the face that turns back the hands of time. You should apply the mask only twice a week on cleansed skin. Leave the mask to work for 5 minutes and rinse with warm water. Pad the face dry and notice the skin’s immediately firmed and rejuvenated in its appearance.

GRATiAE offers this mask of spa quality that can delivered right to your very doorstep. Available in a 50ml jar, this potent mask will last you quite some time. For best results, pair it with the full GRATiAE line of organic skin care products. The Lifting Facial Mask can be the icing on the cake of a great skin care regimen.

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